Step 2

3 Day Reset


Now that you’ve had a taste of the Essential Fascial Maneuvers it’s time to start building a habit of reducing stress in the body. In this program, we are going to guide you through a daily stress reset and share with you the 5 fundamental laws of working with your fascia. 


– 1 Day Reset


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  • 15 Minute Stress Reset: to reduce global stress and tension in the body and build a habit 
  • Fascial Maneuver Pro Tips


  • Fundamental Laws of working with Fascia
  • Pain and the Brain
  • The body is a computer
  • Gravity and its influence on the body


  • Who are you when you are stressed?
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Anyone that has completed the 1 Day Reset and is looking to heal their body and learn more about the Fascial Maneuvers.

When you register you will be taken to the Human Garage Mighty Networks where we host all of our programs. You may download the app and sign into our network or access it via web-browser. You will find the class in the menu titled “3 Day Reset”.

If you have joined the 3 Day Reset but for some reason you can’t find it in your app or web-browser. Close the app, refresh it and try again. If you still can not find it, you may hit the button on this page to register and it will take you there.