3 Day Reset

Now that we’ve got the ball rolling, let’s keep building some momentum.

In the one day reset you had the opportunity to learn about the essential fascial maneuvers while getting a taste of what they feel like in your body. While some people respond immediately, others need a bit more time (and that’s okay too). It all depends on what you are dealing with in your body, and your level of experience working on your own fascia! 

Sometimes performing the technique wrong can play a factor, while most of the time it’s be dehydration, high stress, low awareness to change, or specific issues that you are dealing with that need more time. 

As you progress through the journey, you will become more familiar with what your body needs, and how to modify the practice to suite your needs.





  • 15 Minute Stress Reset: to reduce global stress and tension in the body and build a habit 
  • Fascial Maneuver Pro Tips


  • Fundamental Laws of working with Fascia
  • Pain and the Brain
  • The body is a computer
  • Gravity and its influence on the body


  • Who are you when you are stressed?


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