28 Day Life Reset


Welcome to the 28 Day Life Reset program by Human Garage. This course is designed to help you recover from toxic patterns, societal programming, traumas, and harmful chemicals that may have been holding you back from living a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Our personal journey to transforming our lives has been filled with ups and downs, and radical shifts in how we view the world, and we will be sharing parts of it with you throughout this program, in hopes that you can learn from our experiences and begin applying what resonates with you.

Throughout this course, we may challenge belief systems to give alternative perspectives, but at the end of the day, this is your journey, and we are here to guide, support, and challenge you along the way. We understand that sometimes the hardest thing a parent, teacher or mentor can do is give you what you need and not what you want. We believe that a lot of the things we do may not make sense at first, but we promise the ah-ha moments will come if you are patient, willing, and ready.

This program requires dedication and commitment. The reset includes taking before and after photos to track progress, cleaning your environment from harmful chemicals, taking supplements, performing fascial maneuvers, engaging in education and self-reflection. You will be asked to actively engage in the program and apply what you’ve learned to your daily life. This includes making conscious choices about the products you use, being consistent with supplement intake and daily fascial maneuvers, and actively reflecting on your progress throughout the program. By fully committing to this reset, most people see positive changes in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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6 Steps to the Reset

Taking photos is an extremely powerful part of the 28 Day Reset because a picture says a thousand words. We can see the emotions, postural and physiological changes with each transformation. It comes in handy when you don’t know if you’re on the right track, or you’re not feeling well, or you need extra motivation to continue moving forward. 

The other reason why its important to have this is because the brain is smart and plays games on us. It makes everything, including changes seem normal, so changes become difficult to perceive over short periods of time. 

We promise you that every person who does not take a photo regrets it in the end! So, make sure not to skip out on this part. Even if you don’t plan to share it with anyone, take it. 

This is one of the HARDEST parts of the entire journey because there are harmful chemicals literally everywhere in our world today. From shampoo and deodorant to tooth paste, cleaning products & food… YIKES.

So what does that mean? 

It means that your body is being attacked every single day, every single time you expose yourself to them. 

If every time you shower you and you use harmful body wash you put your body into stress and into a deficit that you have to work yourself out of.

You take one step forward by doing your Fascial Maneuvers but two steps backwards with all the harm taking place due to your environment. 

If you didn’t do any maneuvers ever again… but you cleaned your environment from the chemicals that are hurting you and replaced them with natural and organic products, that would be a HUGE win, because these types of changes last a lifetime. You are the sum of your environment! So, let’s turn it into a healthy one. 

Building new habits around what you buy and put into your body will follow you forever and create long lasting change. 

So, please… if you are going to do anything, as challenging as this one is… do this! 

Audit your life, clean it out and find healthy replacements. 

This one I was never a huge believer in… until I found out the truth about my food and environment… The truth of how toxic it was and how little I was actually getting what I needed.

Our soil today does not have the nutrients it used to. The water we drink from a tap does not have the minerals or structure that we need to live optimally. We are living in a deficit and we are being poisoned by our environment constantly. 

I don’t know about you! But, I became pretty tired of feeling stressed and out of balance. I became tired of feeling bloated all the time, having dry skin and dandruff in my hair. I became tired of being tired! 

I knew I was suppose to wake up energized and ready to start my day. But why wasn’t I?

It’s because my life was sick and I was not getting the nutrients that my body needed.

In this program we are going to recommend the LEAST amount of supplements to achieve the MAXIMUM result. 

Our primary focus is to get the digestive system working and tissues flowing while replenishing your body with the fundamental nutrients it needs. 

It’s only 28 days and a small investment into your health. 

Most, are spending more on coffee, alcohol and going out every month than we recommend in this reset… And, for those of you who legitimately can not afford it… we understand! Certain products that we recommend can be found for very little.. While some are patented and not worth substituting for. In any case, we encourage you find the products we suggest to help rebalance your body. 

Fascial Maneuvers heal the body! And, there are lot’s of them from beginner to intermediate and advanced. We also have partner assisted maneuvers and we plan to show you all of them.

But, this reset is really about building a habit and reducing the stress in your body for long enough so that it can begin to heal itself. This process takes 28 days and if we have TOO much variation then it makes it more difficult to integrate and adapt. 

We are going to do as little movement as possible to create the maximum result over the next 28 days. 

And, for those days that you just don’t feel like doing it. Here is one of my most powerful techniques to continue the habit.

I make a promise to myself that I will just do ONE maneuver. That’s it. Just one… And, from there when I’m in that maneuver it always becomes easier to do the next one and the next one. These changes take time. But consistency is key to a true transformation. 

This is a long game. Health is something that follows us for our entire life and it’s more important to develop proper routines and habits than it is to overwhelm you with techniques and fancy maneuvers all at once. 

Learning how to take care of your body is one thing but learning how it works is another! Throughout this program we will be sharing podcasts, discussions and articles that we’ve put together for you to learn about your body so you can take back control of your health again. 

This one sometimes I even struggle with. I’ve journaled on and off for the past three years and it is so rewarding to look back at my intimate thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions as I change and grow. It has allowed me to not only see how far I’ve come but also share my experiences with each of you.. so you can learn from my mistakes, challenging moments and wins. 

When I document my day, it provides the opportunity to truly reflect on what worked and what didn’t so I can continue the things that are helping me and discontinue the things that are not guiding me in the direction that I want to go. 

Although we can learn from experience.. true learning comes in the reflection of that experience. 

There is an amplified result if you decide to share your intimate thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions with others in our community. The beautiful part about sharing is it helps others learn from your lessons and experiences! And, you get to be seen for who you truly are. 

As part of this reset we will ask you to reflect on your day and share it with us. Those who share and truly reflect, not just glance over it, are the one’s who have the greatest change and have the greatest impact on others. 


” If you asked me three years ago, I would have told you I was healthy. I was doing everything I was supposed to. Following the path built out for me by society. But how could I know any different? When I wasn’t in physical pain, I looked physically fit, and disease hadn’t hit me yet. I just assumed I was healthy. But the reality is, I wasn’t. My life was sick and I didn’t even know it. Chemicals were in my food, care products and environment. Suppressed emotions, stressful living and work environments and social programming had my body breaking down as a result. I went on a journey to find solutions and when I did, something magical happened.

I discovered what healthy feels like and what healthy really is.

Healthy is waking up with energy, not needing coffee to get me through the day. It’s living without fear of being myself or questioning whether or not I still want to be here. It’s enjoying my day without wanting parts of it to end. It’s living and working with people I love and doing what I love to do. My digestion is better. My thoughts are better. I understand my emotions and have the tools to manage my stress. I feel younger and don’t have to deal with the daily aches and pains.

The process that got me here was more than just a movement. It’s was a lifestyle. One where I care for my body and choose to take care of myself. I would be lying if I said it was easy to get here. But, if you knew what I knew you’d understand why I would do it all over again.

Join me in the 28 Day Life Reset if you’d take back control of your life again.”

Jason van Blerk
Co Founder
Human Garage

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