28 Day Life Reset (150K) Fundraiser

(Immersive Experience)

May 15th – June 11th

Location: TBA

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Immerse yourself! Hear what Jason has to say about the experience!


May 15th – June 11th

LOCATION: Will be sent to those who are accepted. We will be accepting up to 12 people. Not everyone who applies will be accepted. You must align with our core values, and beliefs, you must be on a mission to make a positive impact on the world and ready to go through a full life reset.

If accepted, you will be required to go through some fundamental content prior to arriving.

$150,000 USD*

*See video above for the use of funds

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28-Day Life Reset – Immersive Experience – with the Human Garage core team.

You will live, work, learn and move with the human garage core team for 28 days to experience a full life transformation. You will learn how we live our life. How to heal your body. How to work with fascia. How to clean your environment. How to manage your emotions. How the energetics and emotions impact your body and life.

The reason why we are doing this is because mental health, suicide and disease are at an all time high and this is needed now more than ever. This is a fundraiser to open source health and wellness help empower one billion people around the world to heal themself

We are a not for profit, no one on our team has a salary and we live a minimalist lifestyle. All the funds raised will go towards creating more content, translating our content into other languages, and embedding our programs into schools and hospitals.

The intention is those who attend, embody the philosophies of living a healthy life and share it with their communities.

Please note, to participate in this event it is a Minimum Donation of: $150,000 USD*

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2022 – Year In Review

   Get a sneak peek into some of the specialized maneuvers

you can do for specific areas of the body   

Our Mission

We are on a mission to open source health and wellness and empower over one billion people around the world to heal themselves.

Our Beliefs

  • Stored emotions and harmful chemicals in the body are the root source of all diseases.
  • Perception and belief are the most powerful forces in working with the human body. These influence all thought, emotion, and physical reactions.
  • All healing and transformation is 100% up to the individual. No one has the power to heal anyone other than themself.
  • Our bodies are constantly adapting to the environment. The more extreme the environment, the more extreme the adaptations.
  • Movement is life
  • The human body is designed to heal itself.
  • Diagnosis —“a label that only recognizes symptoms in the body” ignores the underlying factors that contributed to the symptoms in the first place. This label places people in a box that they identify with; creating limitations in their growth and healing process. Trapped by the diagnosis a person has limited sets of solutions that are constricted by the diagnosis and the practitioner’s scope of practice.
  • Life is about having fun and experiencing this world. We can’t experience this world if we are broken in our mind, body, emotions, perceptions and spirit.
  • Children and adults should learn from each other and children should be raised by the community
  • Education should be open sourced, free, and available to all
  • Creating a toxic/chemical free, organic environment is fundamental to living a healthy life
  • Work should not feel like a chore but it should bring meaning and joy such that it can be integrated into daily life
  • One must take care of them self first before helping others
  • Astrology is a guide to understanding self and helps navigate daily life
  • Physical circumstances are a way to understand what is happening in the energetic world

Our Vision

We see a world where billions of people have the power to heal themselves and have taken back control of their health again. The Fascial Maneuvers have been embedded into schools, culture, hospitals and sports teams. People are practicing them all over the world, in different languages, and using them to improve their lives. Health education is completely open sourced and accessible to everyone around the world that needs it. Communities have formed all over, with people living, working and thriving together to make a positive impact on the world.

Our Core Values

Take care of myself and those around me

Be a team player

Communicate in real time

Listen to understand

Be transparent

Be flexible and adaptable

Always look for a better way

Be caring and compassionate

Have fun