2023 New Year’s Resolutions: An Astrological Approach

Why is it often so hard to stick with a New Year’s resolution? We tend to over-commit to new habits, certain that THIS is the year we’ll finally make a change. Despite our best intentions, the follow-through is short lived. By February our bold new resolutions are forgotten and we fall back into old patterns.

What if there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for recurrent New Year’s burnout- AND a way to make your well-laid plans more effective?

The truth is that January 1st is actually one of the worst times to implement changes in your life. We’re in the midst of winter and Capricorn season. Winter is naturally restful and introspective- it’s when we recover from our efforts throughout the rest of the year and rebuild our inner strength. The sign of Capricorn is powerful, yes, but its energy is best channeled toward creating structure in your life. Saturn’s influence asks you to take realistic stock of where you’re at and stay disciplined on the path you’re already treading.

Instead of inverting the natural flow, take this time in Capricorn season to be grateful for all the hard work you’ve put in. Identify what systems have been working (or not working) and find your inner determination to finish projects you’ve already started.

The intentions to change and take action, which are the essence of a New Year’s resolution, are amplified at a different time of year: Aries season.

It’s the beginning of the astrological calendar and the beginning of spring, so the energy is ripe for transformation and rebirth. We feel more action oriented and alive thanks to Aries’ planetary ruler Mars. It’s the prime time to use passion to create progress and forward movement in your life. Your attitude and decisions in Aries season set the tone for the next 12 months.

So, this year: save your resolutions for the spring when they’ll serve you best. Happy New Year!