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1 Day Reset


The purpose of this one day program is to get you moving your body again and give you a taste of the Fascial Maneuvers so you can experience first hand what it feels like to work on your fascia to reduce stress and release pain. In this program we will guide you through some of the Essential Fascial Maneuvers to release tension in your ankles, knees, hips, spine and more.


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Fascial Maneuvers

  • Knee Torque: to reduce knee tension
  • Ankle release: to increase ankle mobility
  • Hip Release: to reduce hip tension and realign your hips
  • Palate Swipe: to reduce head and pelvic floor tension
  • Totally Twisted: full body release
  • Anti-Gravity: full spinal decompression
  • Swinger: to open up the hips and shoulders
  • Pull Over: to open up the ribcage and lower back
  • Pretzel squat: for the hips
  • Peekaboo: for face symmetry and alignment
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This program was designed for anyone that wants to heal their body and learn how to work on their own fascia. It is for all skill levels.

When you register you will be taken to the Human Garage Mighty Networks where we host all of our programs. You may download the app and sign into our network or access it via web-browser.