Fascial Maneuvers

A movement philosophy that heals the body in

15 minutes or less

Human Garage began as a clinic in Venice, California working with professional athletes, celebrities and award winning performing artists. Conducting over 200,000 appointments we quickly became one of the worlds largest multidisciplinary clinics with practitioners from all forms of medicine.  After a decade of helping people we realized the key to success was hidden within the fascia and required the active participation of the client. We found those who were willing to take responsibility for their own health by implementing daily wellness practices were successful in their healing journey. We closed down our clinic to focus on educating people who are ready to reconnect with their body’s and help themselves. 



This work really works if you work it !!  When I began fascial maneuvers it required all my focus and thankfully others were there for me to help me build habit of feeling safe to move in my body again. I experienced great fear and frequent injury after thyroid cancer surgery and series of events. Body was kissed in bruises from bumping into every surface. For 8 months I modified the Maneuvers to seated with less twist and minimal arm raises. now I am standing walking and feeling delicious in my body while standing and walking, those two things that debilitated me before.  Walking a block was a chore that I despised even with friend support because how I felt during/after.  I plan to go on walks with friends weekly now. Life is a more of a dream 💭 I kept going because of the vision of feeling safe to move in my body again. I knew it would all work out by being consistent and being part of this community has been a blessing  I am enjoying the journey ☺️  that’s all in the past and moving forward here and now

Irazu Martin


I had given up.

Specialist after specialist, nobody knew why I had a hip of a 90 year old. Nobody knew why I needed a hip replacement and had a 100% guarantee that my right hip would need it too. Nobody knew why I had a degenerative disc disease in my entire spinal system and all they could suggest is Tylenol. Nobody knew why I had scoliosis. Nobody knew how to fix my TMJ and my jaw has been out of place for the past 3 years. Nobody knew why I had constant migraines. Nobody knew why my toes were curving in.

I’ve spent more than 100k trying to heal myself. When I say I’ve tried everything, I really mean it. Acupuncture, chiropractic, physiotherapy, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine, shockwave therapy, intramuscular stimulation, aqua-size, swimming, reiki, and believe me the list goes on.

I thought I would be in a wheel chair by the time I’m 50. Many times I wondered why I didn’t just quit life. I can’t tell you how many times I “should have” died in this lifetime. I often feel like I’m still here for some type of purpose and I’m still discovering that. But I feel like this is part of it …

Yesterday is the first time I have been able to squat in over a decade — probably longer. My journey is not over. But I believe once again that I can heal myself. 

Darylle Johnson


I feel so lucky to have found the Human Garage. It has changed my life!
I developed lower back pain which was about 50% of the time for 5 years. It hit my sciatic nerve. I was so uncomfortable and fearful that age 30 this was it for the rest of my life. I’d seen tui na practitioners, osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists you name it. They all had their theory but nothing worked. I would literally find a corner in my kitchen on the granite work top surface and dig it into my lower back muscles for relief.
My husband heard of the Human Garage on the Joe Rogan podcast. I looked straight online and was immediately captivated. I started to do the 10 fascial maneuvers every day, twice a day and have been doing for a year. The results were immediate. I have never experienced the pain since starting the maneuvers. It’s a miracle. I am so grateful to the Human Garage.
I’m now 37 and 3 months pregnant with my first baby. I’m continuing to do the maneuvers which bring continuous relief. They support my body especially as my abdomen fascia is stretching.
It can be frustrating wanting people to understand the true significance of something so incredible but we seem to be in a society where we have lost faith in our bodies own ability to heal and don’t necessarily take responsibility for our own self care but rather look to others to do it for us. I think we have overcomplicated things when it could simply be about increasing our vegetable intake. I was mesmerized by the Human Garage and its approach to share these techniques for free with the world and open the retreat in Canada to live what they believe in. I feel so fortunate they are offering the opportunity to qualify in these skills and that’s something I plan to do.
With lots of love,


Chloe Cuff


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