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The simplest & most revolutionary way to unwind your mind, body & soul back into alignment.

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Reset your life in 28 days

It all begins with a commitment to 28 days of Fascial Maneuvers. A movement process created to access the body’s most powerful organ, the fascia. Over our 10 years in clinical practice we found all trauma is held in the fascia and can be released through simple self-help techniques. This 28 day journey will guide you through the process of how we reset and transformed our own lives, so you can too.

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Where it all began

Human Garage was a clinic in Venice, California that worked with professional athletes, celebrities and anyone needing help. Conducting over 3000 appointments per month, they quickly became one of the worlds largest multidisciplinary clinics with practitioners from all forms of medicine. After 7 years, Garry Lineham (the founder) made the hard but conscious decision to close his clinic when he realized the truth of healthcare and helping people. It wasn’t by fixing people in a clinic. It was by teaching and educating people how to reconnect with their body’s and help themselves. In August of 2020, Garry assembled a team to pioneer a new movement process called the Fascial Maneuvers. These maneuvers helped Garry out of his 30 year journey of battling chronic back pain and he is now on a mission to release them to the world for free.

In support of this mission we host workshops that teach people how to how to create maneuvers specific to their needs, how to handle emotions, thoughts & perceptions and work through the battles of everyday life. For those looking to learn from our knowledge gained in our clinical practice over the past 10 years: we have workshops that teach about the human body, fascia, and how to reprogram it, so you can create your own Fascial Maneuvers business or implement these techniques into your current practice.

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Feels like I am a little kid again, a homecoming back into my body. I have a sensation of wholeness. What once felt like I was dragging and forcing my body into movement is absent! A couple of weeks ago I was using a cane. I struggled to coordinate with it but had accepted that it may be my companion. At the end of a Fascial Maneuvers class I could slowly walk on my own two feet again. It was miraculous.
Irazu Martin


I have started doing these exercises for a week now and I already feel a lot less tension in my body. I’m still trying to get the hang of them so I can do them on a more consistent basis. I’m excited to learn more about this!

Sofia Panayides


The thing that I love about these fascial maneuvers is the fact that I can do them by myself and don’t have to rely on a rolfer to get the same results 🙂 The tension in my back has decreased dramatically already and I feel like I can breathe way deeper than before. It also just feels a whole lot better to work WITH my body after years of working against it.

Shannon Johnson

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